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Skyforge Winter Celebration Event Live Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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All of the winter events are happening right about now, with Skyforge the latest game to receive one.

The event is live now until January 8. Dubbed the Winter Celebration, tons of seasonal items are available to purchased with the Icy Gems currency. You can earn these gems by completing the associated holiday quests. Check out the Market for unique holiday accessories and mounts. The following items have been added for this event:

  • Blizzard Experimental Skates,
  • Immortal on Ice emote,
  • Winter Fun emote,
  • Winter Patterns Tattoo Set,
  • Winter Celebration Halo (2 styles),
  • Winter Mystery Helmet (2 styles),
  • Color options for your favorite costumes

Challenges include:

  • Herald of Winter: During the event, defeat five immortals in rated PvP as a Cryomancer.
  • Winter Training: Complete three sessions on the Silver Road track and earn at least 750 points in each session.
  • Unbeatable Speed Skater: Win first place in a skating race on the Ice Arrow track at least five times.
  • Flawless Performance: Cross the finish line on both skating tracks without falling once. Reward: new portrait center.
  • Professional Speed Skater: Complete the main challenges related to the Silver Road and Ice Arrow skating tracks. Reward: new portrait decoration.

Learn more about the Winter Celebration here.


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