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Skyforge Order of Dawn Event Announced

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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“There's a network of ancient guard towers in the east of Aelion, in the cold wild mountains,” begins the ominous words promoting the new Order of Dawn event for Skyforge.

The event runs from September 25 through October 2. When in game, press 9 to open an interface in order to participate in the event.

An official post delves into the lore behind the Order of Dawn, describing their history and fall,

“A long time ago, during the Dark Times, when Aeli was gone and the world was drowning in chaos, the brave mortals decided to take charge over justice. They called themselves the Order of Dawn. They faithfully protected Aelion until immortals came and took over their duty.

The Order of Dawn was no longer needed. Its great warrior retired and left the guard towers and castles behind. Alas, time takes its toll on mortals and stone walls. The former have long been dead. The latter will soon fall into decay and fade.”

Check here for the full post including a look into the tiered rewards available.


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