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Skyforge Ignition Update Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ignition update for Skyforge is now live.

The new Firestarter class is included in the update, with the news post describing the Firestarter lore:

“Thousands of years ago, a mad Elder God called Kir founded a fire-worshipping cult to enforce his will and establish his dominion over Aelion. Together with his Cult of Flame, the power-mad God forged a terrible empire and marshalled his armies against the free peoples of Aelion. Kir was eventually defeated and imprisoned, but victory came at great cost to the world. However, in the age of Ignition, Kir has escaped from his eternal prison. Free from his bonds and burning with vengeance, the undying fire mage has merged his essence with the descendants of his followers to create the Firestarter class!”

If you own the Firestarter Collector’s Edition, you can unlock the class and play on Day One. Check out the Ignition release trailer below, and additional details here.


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