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Skyforge Expansion 'Rock and Metal' Coming December 17

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Skyforge announced its next expansion, titled "Rock and Metal" and it's coming later this month. Skyforge: Rock and Metal will be hitting on December 17th, bringing with it a brand-new adventure, new Elder God form and more.

In Rock and Metal, the team adds a new adventure: Toxic Wasteland. Players will venture into a new base established by the Draconids in search for treasure, weapons or more. 

The Draconids have established a base in the industrial wastelands of Terra. Shielded by a large dome, these scaly fiends are using powerful lasers to drill into the planet’s rocky crust. Whether they’re looking for treasure, weapons, or something entirely more sinister, intelligence shows that their dark excavation poses a threat to the whole planet.

Additionally, players who play the Archer, Outlaw and Gunner classes and have defeated an Invasion Avatar can access a new Elder God form: Aspect of Vengeance. This new form is equipped to give players "pinpoint marksman abilities that can eradicate enemies before they even think about attacking."

You can check out the new expansion when it hits PC on December 17th, while PlayStation and Xbox Players are waiting until the 18th and 19th, respectively. 


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