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Skyclimbers Breaks 250K on Kickstarter - Adds Stadia and GeForce Now Partnerships

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Skyclimbers has been climbing the stretch-goal ranks over the past couple weeks on Kickstarter, now breaking through the 250K mark as they head to the finish line with over 1000% of their funding met.

Previously we reported on the multiplayer online RPG Skyclimbers as they grew in popularity on Kickstarter. With about a week left in funding, they’ve broken through the 250K dollar pledge mark, and have added several new stretch goals, including the possibility of PvP arenas, with their current top stretch-goal tier of 350K, which would add a roguelike mode and mini-games.

Throughout the campaign, Paratope has taken to the comments and updates section to answer questions about the game, post new videos, and provide pictures of some of the pledge rewards. Here are a few questions answered from a few of the mini-Q&A sessions:

Q: Are there gliders? A: Yes, every Dynasty will feature a unique glider design/technology. Q: Can players rent dedicated servers?A: This will be possible yes. Q: What resources will I have to manage?A: Your kingdom will have an economy, population, and resource count. All will be monitored from the top-down city building window.Q: Will the game have cross save?A: Yes, by the end of 2022 target is cross-save on all platforms.

Q: Will the animals be strictly identical or could we see some differences (different coat colors, size, strength, speed) A: There will be variable colors and attributes yes.

Q: How long after will there be a console drop after the PC drop?(edited)A: PC Q4 2021  Console Q2 2022

In addition to the stretch goals mentioned, Paratope has also announced partnership with Stadia and GeForce Now, making Skyclimbers even more accessible as the new partnerships join PC, Console and Mobile as release platforms.


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