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Skyclimbers - a Multiplayer City Building Action RPG Hits over 700% of their Kickstarter Goal

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Skyclimbers hit Kickstarter on February 9th, and so far it has been a resounding success, as they currently sit at $176,713.00 out of their initial total asking pledge of $25,000.

Skyclimbers, developed by Paratope, details a lot of systems that the game plans to launch with including procedurally generated biomes, mounts, taming, classes building, and more. They state that the game will also be multiplayer, cross-platform, and have a “massively infinitely generated universe. The game's Alpha for PC is set to release in Q3 of 2021, with console, mobile and Stadia Alphas planned for Q4 2021.

The game’s Kickstarter has been extremely successful as the detailed videos and cell shaded art style show the game’s features in animated and appealing detail. With several stretch goals, up to 250K dollars on the line, that focuses on adding new classes, tameable animals and a 48-person domination mode, and 19 days left to go, there’s still more than enough time for the game to expand before it releases. You can also follow the game on Steam, as it appears it will release there in the future in early access.


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