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Skyblivion's AMA Recap Points to Spell Crafting, Much Denser Biomes, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The development team behind Skyblivion hosted an AMA earlier yesterday. Here’s a non-exhaustive recap.

  • Some of the new features may be ported to Skyrim as separate mods.
  • AI mods from Skyrim may most likely be compatible with Skyblivion
  • Skyblivion will be a separate install to either base game and will not interfere with your Skyrim mod installs
  • It will include a separate installer and work as DLC than a standalone game
  • It will be released on their website
  • Skyblivion Nexus will be updated to support its own mods
  • The Emperor’s Throne Room and Ruby Throne may be added into the game
  • The game is coming out on PC only
  • The team has recreated every mesh and textures, while level scaling will be similar to Skyrim’s
  • Spell crafting is there, and will be like Oblivion’s system
  • Bethesda has given the team full blessing and support
  • The voices from Oblivion will be returning
  • Biomes are fully recreated and are much more diverse and detailed than Oblivion
  • Regions will feel more dense
  • Underwater combat is back


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