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Sky: Children of the Light Days of Color Event is Bringing Rainbows and New Features Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Sky: Children of the Light is bringing back its Days of Color event next week, bringing new cosmetics, and more charity items in a colorful rainbow event to share with others.

The event begins on June 24th and runs through July 7th and during the two-week event you can talk to spirits in Aviary Village or Home to teleport to the special event area, a bright area that floats above Daylight Prairie Village. Bright is a given with this event, since you’ll find a rainbow puzzle to complete.

The puzzle will grow each day during the event, and if you complete it, you’ll uncover a new Days of Color feature, that, according to the event announcement, “that can satisfy your Sky kid’s need for speed”. You’ll find clues to how to do that by doing things like jumping into a magical geyser that you'll find and add some new color to your cape.

The event has a number of new updates to discover this year, including making your cape a little more colorful. Elsa a new bubble machine to find that will change bubble colors to match capes. There are also some returning cosmetics joining the new lineup this year. If you think Sky is a colorful, inviting place the rest of the time, the rainbows are on the way to intensify that.

The event is also intended to make a difference with a charity partner in The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is an organization that works to help LGBTQ+ young people with things like education, support services,  and mental health. The team is making a donation to the organization, and you can contribute with some of the special appropriately colorful cosmetic items that are marked to support the charity efforts. Among them are the Double Rainbow pack hair accessory, Dark Rainbow loafers, and more packs that also include some Candles.  


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