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Sky: Children of the Light Brings Back Days of Nature Event, With Ocean-Themed Rewards and Charity Items

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Sky: Children of the Light will hold its Days of Nature event starting next week, with new activities to take on, stop pollution in game, get rewarded, and even to help raise money to help preserve rivers and oceans. 

The event returns to the cozy MMO on May 27th and will run untl June 16th. During the event, there will be Shard Eruptions that bring Darkness to threaten the waters around Prairie Peaks. You can count on help from Spirits, who will help to clean things up with a machine that will prevent corruption from spreading, but it will be your job to handle the pollution and capture it before it harms the river. This year’s event will add a new kind of Dark creature to Sky that will be one of the forces that try to stop players from protecting the waters. 

With events come event currency, and as you fly around and otherwise explore the event locations, there will be four that you can find every day. You can unlock new rewards and returning ones, including a mask with a glittery blue touch, a new blue scarf,  and more. There are also some new premium items up for grabs, including the Nature Wave-Touched Hair and Nature Wave Pack. Are also a series of returning items, including the 2020 first year Earth Cape.

Throughout the three-week event, the team will be sharing proceeds from purchases. The special new charity items will see more than 50% of their sale price donated to charity, like that Nature Wave Pack ($19.99),  the Nature Sonorous Seashell ($4.99), which will let you toggle the relaxing sounds of the ocean as a placeable item, and the Ocean Necklace ($1.99). The team is set to release more details next week, but when the event arrives, you can go to Aviary Village for the event guide Spirits to get started.


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