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Skull and Bones Unveils Season 1 Trailer With New Free Content Starting Next Week

New playable events and enemies, plus a battle pass with in-game bonuses

Victoria Rose Posted:
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Off the winds of a massive international launch, Skull and Bones has already started showing off what’s coming for its first season of new content. As teased earlier this year, Season 1 will be the first of a series of regular releases with new content and rewards, akin to other Battle Passes throughout many games. 

The season introduces the free “Smuggler Pass,” a reward system that allows three paths to work down for rewards. Each branch of the Smuggler Pass tree gives updates that work with different playstyles, allowing players to pursue whatever bonuses they wish. Premium Pass holders, those paying for their own version of the pass, also get to work towards limited-time cosmetic rewards. 

A major playable-content inclusion is the first of the “Pirate Lords.” This season introduces Philippe La Peste of the Indian Ocean, who searches for the cure to his plague—but for now, uses it against anyone daring to go against him. He brings La Potence and his Plague Bombs to cast curses against opposing ships in what Ubisoft promises to be an epic battle. 

There’ll also be world events, which aren’t specifically named but teased in the trailer, including a massive sea creature battle. The video explains that these events bring out megacorporations such as the DMC and Compagnie Royale, which assumedly means, as pirates do, players can pursue them for great rewards. But beware—the Clan of Fara also sends its formidable ships to defend these corps. 

The first season will be released February 27th and is free for all players of Skull and Bones.  


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