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Skull and Bones Team Shares Update on Latest Delay and Premiere New The Deck Episode

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This week, Ubisoft revealed that its disappointing financial results would result in a narrowed focus, including the cancellation of several unannounced projects and another delay, the sixth, for Skull and Bones. The Skull and Bones team shared an update with a statement on Twitter on the current state of the (again delayed) game and hoped to encourage patience for just a little while longer.

“Our determination and focus remain the same - offer the best in-game experience possible to our players from day 1. This extra time will help us in providing further polish to our game mechanics and content, following your feedback from previous tests,” read part of the statement. This is in line with what the official delay said about Skull and Bones having conducted playtests and been moving further ahead in development. 

While Ubisoft pushed the game back into “2023-24”, there should be some more clarification soon, if the latest statement holds. “Additional information regarding our new release date and upcoming tests phases will be shared with you all very soon, so be sure to stay tuned and follow the conversation,” concludes the update.

In fact, there’s a new episode today of The Deck, the team’s series on Skull and Bones’ development. This episode features narrative designer Joel Janisse and senior dev Alexis Cretton discussing the storytelling in the game. That episode premiered today at noon EST, and will be available on the Ubisoft Twitch.

While new footage and teases of what we can expect are great, having a new release date would help. Yet, there have been new release dates upon new release windows, and then more delays. At this point, the footage and info will keep coming, and the shiny ships and what we can do with them will be revealed, but most will probably only really be sure the game is coming out when it’s in their hands.

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