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Skull and Bones Ship Customization, From Sizes and Types to Weapons, Revealed

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Skull and Bones officially back on everyone’s radar and headed for a November release, Ubisoft is revealing more about loadout customizations for your foray into naval combat. So if you’re looking ahead to the pirate life, choosing your ship, Ship characteristics, and of course, weapons that you'll need in order to win some battles.

Your ship is the most vital thing you'll need to figure out. You get to choose from a variety of different ships, each with its own  pros and cons,  Depending on how you want to play the game.  if you are looking for a ship that will be great in combat, you don't really want a bigger cargo ship that's not really very effective in battle. 

The first characteristic is the ship's size, and the second is category. Bigger ships can have more weapons and larger weapons like Greek Fire. The ship category is also important because it influences what your needs will be and the ship's appearance. Cargo ships are not very fast, but they're very sturdy and they can hold a lot. Navigation ships are fast, streamlined,. Firepower ships are specialists, as they sound like. Heavily armed but not good at much else.

The rest of the devblog goes into weapon types and styles, including what’s best suited to both combat style and needs and ship size. Most weapons also have a few varieties. If you choose a huge cargo ship, don’t expect to make a quick getaway or fight fast if you have a Giant Ballista. Some of the available weapons include cannons, a basic weapon for range and all ship sizes.

Mortars are available for long range and high trajectory use. The Bombard acts like a mix between a cannon and a mortar and has some versatility to it in both available placements and use. Other weapons include rockets, torpedoes, a Ballista, and the short-range, powerful blast of Greek Fire. 

For more, read the full devblog at Skull and Bones.


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