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Skull and Bones Recaps First Season With New Stats, as Season 2 Continues With Bigger Additions

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Skull and Bones is currently running Season 2, but the Ubisoft Singapore team has released a new infographic with details on how things went for pirates back in Season 1: “Raging Tides”.

The new info comes ahead of the Ubisoft Forward presentation this afternoon, and it does A snapshot of how things went in the inaugural season.  the first season ran from February 27th through May 27th and the highest Kingpin rank this season went to someone who notched $645. everyone collectively sailed over 570 million kilometers, which the team notes that that's about 325 times around the world.

One unfortunate stat is the number 314,222,644, the number of total ships sunk during the season. La Peste skirmishers suffered 5,305,105 defeats by those seeking to stop their plans for taking over the oceans. On the other hand, reward seekers waited at night for the encounter, but 251,273 fell to the mysterious ghost ship, Maangodin. 

When it comes to Hostile Takeover, over 3,243,000 were successful. Another success is seen in the more than 869,000 Legendary Heists. Overall, Skull and Bones’ first season certainly saw a lot of action, as players got into the groove of the newest way to become a pirate on the high season, take over, and build an empire.

Season 2 is on now, featuring a slew of changes that are designed to make bigger and more intricate empires possible. This is set against a new greater threat, with Armand and Bertrand Hubac, siblings and evil opera singers, setting the tone in Chorus of Havoc. The new additions in the season include a variety of content, like new time limited events, new game modes, ways to expand your empire, a brand new weapon type, and even another new sea monster.


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