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Skull and Bones PlayStation Preorders Quietly Refunded After Delay, Still Available on PC

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Skull and Bones was delayed for the sixth time, by Ubisoft last week in an announcement around disappointing financial performance. Some who had pre-ordered the game noticed that they're pre-orders had been  quietly refunded, according to tweets and posts on Reddit.

Often, when a pre-order gets canceled or a game is delayed, a company will announce that refunds are available for those who want them, or will at least email a customer directly before they process a refund. This didn’t happen in the cases being reported by those who had their PlayStation Store preorders refunded. 

So these refunds are probably just in response to the lack of a solid new release date. Still, after six delays, some are still wondering about just when we might finally see the game. Ubisoft is still standing by the game’s new, still-unclear, release date as happening, responding to one of the tweets with a share of the original delay announcement and saying that “the game is still planning to release at a later date”. 

Subsequently, Skull and Bones preorders have been removed from sale from the PlayStation store, where you can only now follow the game, which has a “2023” release date now. So far, it’s still available for preorder from the Epic Games Store on PC. 

When the Skull and Bones team began sharing more about the game last year, including setting a launch date, despite previous delays, it was looking like we might get to see it by year’s end. There were even behind the scenes peeks, intro guides, and a list of features and PC specs.

Preorders being refunded on the PlayStation store might not mean more than just being the result of a new and less-clear release date. It would be more to worry about if the game were removed from preorder all over. Seeing that you can still put down some money on Skull and Bones on PC, it might just call for some patience. 


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