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Skull And Bones Might Actually Show Off Gameplay Next Month According To New Report

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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According to a recent report, it looks like the oft-maligned and delayed pirate title from Ubisoft, Skull and Bones, might actually see some gameplay officially shown off next month.

The news comes to us via Try Hard Games (via Resetera), with reporter Tom Henderson citing sources close to the game stating that a re-reveal of Skull and Bones has been planned for "the week of July 4th." The reveal itself is vague, according to Henderson, but the report states we should see an official release date, as well as some gameplay.

This re-reveal comes on the heels of many delays to the pirate game, though in recent weeks we've seen new footage leak from a recent alpha playtest. Ubisoft didn't deny the footage was real, promising more to come. This is most likely what potential players have been waiting for since the leak. 

Skull and Bones was revealed way back in 2017, though since its E3 debut it's been mired in delays and seen a major reboot of the title. However, despite all this, it looks like Skull and Bones is finally ready to be re-revealed to the world, and given that we're expecting the title to release sometime before the end of March 2023, the upcoming reveal will hopefully lock that window down even more precisely. 


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