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Skull and Bones Dev Diary Dives into the Game's Music and Sounds, From Authentic Cannons to Sea Shanties

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Skull and Bones has a new dev diary video focusing on how the Ubisoft Singapore team created the sounds of pirate adventures on the seas. Turns out that a blend of sounds from the real places that inspired the game, along with added sounds for gameplay blended together helped them meet their goals.

The team traveled to places like Komodo Island in Indonesia, not only to get natural sounds, but the sounds of boats and waves and sails. They wanted to go and hear the sounds of sailing and then recreate them for immersion.

Ubisoft also recorded real cannons of types that were actually used in the 17th century to lend an authentic note to some of the weaponry in the game. Then they tweaked the audio to stand for different types of weapons in the game, so you might listen carefully and hear distinctions between types you’re using.

Setting the game in the Indian Ocean also meant that they wanted to capture voices to reflect the diversity of that part of the world. Ubisoft Singapore also features a nod of pride in the behind the scenes video, noting for the character of Asnah Yatim, your first mate in Skull and Bones, they decided to go with a Singaporean accent for her. Also taking inspiration from Singapore are some of the sounds from wildlife, like Korl birds and the chirps of a house gecko.

When it comes to the music, in a pirate game, of course you'll expect sea shanties, and this was a key part of the marketing campaign for Skull and Bones. Importantly, and true to their other work, the voices and cultures around in the area inspiring the setting are represented.

“As you sail, the shanties of a certain region and language may be triggered to create a more immersive experience. At launch, you will be able to hear 30 shanties composed in four different languages - Bahasa Indonesia, Malagasy, English, and French.”

The Skull and Bones soundtrack, featuring instrumental compositions and sea shanties is now streaming.


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