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Skills Completely Reworked in Torchlight III's Latest Patch

Plus other tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new post over on their Steam community, the Torchlight III team have released some pretty extensive patch notes which point to a complete skill rework for all classes.

The post notes that for every tier achieved for unlocking new skills by level will now include three new skills. The final tier is exempt from this, which is two skills across all classes. Skill level requirements should now say “Current Level / Level required” to better inform players.

Classes which have been reworked include Railmaster, Forged, Dusk Mage, and Sharpshooter. The rework is quite extensive. For example, here are the skills reworked for Forged:

  • Adjusted Forged locomotion and hatches so that they don't implode on low end machines.
  • Forged snake locomotion mace attacks now have slot progression assignments and will show up in game.
  • Cyclone Mode gets a slight damage increase from 30% per hit (hits twice a second) to 40% per hit.
  • Designer’s Note: This occurred because we weren’t accounting for the higher heat cost yet.
  • Furnace Blast damage increased from 150% to 210% weapon damage.
  • Designer’s Note: Previously the skill shot out a ton of low-damage missiles. After reworking it to be a huge DoT that just hits all at once, and has a cooldown, we failed to run it through our tuning sheet. The end result is that we just input a number we thought was good, but was slightly off.

You can read the full extensive patch notes here.


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