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Sixteen Protection Paladins Send World of Warcraft's Lady Jaina Proudmoore into the Light

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Now that Battle of Dazar'alor is out in World of Warcraft, it's time for the odd groups and soloists to start seeing how cleverly (and how soon!) they can take down various raid bosses. In one of the first, well-known Protection Paladin "Rextroy" and 15 other Protection Paladin buddies managed to take down Lady Jaina Proudmoore on Normal difficulty. It only required 15+ wipes and an average iLevel of 385 but it's one for the record books, as they say.

This fight was a real pain, especially the last phase. Probably took us about 15 wipes or more. We started off as 30 protection paladins, but people left and we ended up with a solid group of 16 people. The more paladins you have, the more your healing will be. But it is also harder to coordinate everyone. We also had an average of 385 ilvl.

Fun thing is, this boss doesn't appear to have any real "berserk" or atleast it is a really long timer. We had some attempts that were 22 minutes long.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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