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Site Returns, Funding Issues Persist

Michael Bitton Posted:
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On Friday, October 9th, the Stargate Worlds official website went down for scheduled maintenance, which was expected to take about a day, it didn't. There is good news and bad news. The good news is the site returned 3 days later on the 12th, the bad news is that Stargate Worlds is continuing to experience funding issues, despite the fact they have recently secured additional investors.

Timothy N. Jenson, President & CEO of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment offered an illuminating statement on the situation to Massively:

The stargateworlds.com site is owned by MGM and went down on Friday due to a change in DNS server providers. Cheyenne and MGM are working on getting the site back up and it is expected to be back up this week. [Ed. note: the site has already been restored.] As for the Stargate Worlds game and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc., our company has struggled in the current economic climate to raise the funding needed to successfully develop and publish our MMORPG. While there continues to be a lot of desire, enthusiasm and excitement about the project from our employees, investors and fans, we will not be able to provide any updates on the development of Stargate Worlds until sufficient funding is available.

Via Massively.


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