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Siren Comes to Final Fantasy XI in February Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a post on the official Final Fantasy XI forums, the team announced the addition of the Siren to the game in the February Version update. Here are the details of what else is included in the update.

While the Siren may be the biggest addition to the update, job adjustments were also announced. Specifically, paladins and beastmasters will be receiving changes,

“Paladins will experience both ability and weapon skill adjustments, with particularly large changes coming to Rampart. For weaponskills, we’re introducing a couple under-the-hood changes to make it easier to generate enmity with Atonement. Beastmasters will want to note that we’re reverting the amount of time that must pass before pet abilities activate back to 60 frames (approximately one second).”

The Domain Invasion was also outlined adding a new monster which, once defeated, will net you enough domain points to bring you to the daily cap. Ambuscade is also seeing adjustments with the team touching on coeurls.

The update goes live February 12.


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