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Single Player Portion of Hearthstone's Rastakhan's Rumble Now Available

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Now that the latest Hearthstone expansion has arrived and is safely ensconced in the game, players looking for a single-player challenge will be happy to hear that Rumble Run is now available. Players will face off against AI challengers that increase in difficulty the further a player progresses. Along the way, players gather new, stronger cards and powers to assist them. The goal is to defeat eight opponents to win.

Choose Your Loa: At that start of a new Rumble Run, players will select one of three Shrines, each one dedicated to one of the Loa to represent one of Hearthstone’s classes. Rikkar’s hero portrait will also update to show his team colors as he enters the Arena.

Shrines:  These cards represent altars to the Loa, and they start each game in play. When they’re destroyed, they return to the field after three turns. Shrines have extremely powerful passive effects that can dramatically impact the strategy around deckbuilding in the Rumble Run. There are three possible Shrines for each class, for a total of 27 possible Shrines.

Build a Team: Part of the deck building strategy for the Rumble Run will include building out the team of champions to fight beside him. When Rikkar first steps into the Arena, he’s a rookie with a deck of 10 cards. Each time he defeats a champion, players will make their deck—and Rikkar’s team—stronger. Players can select cards that support their playstyle, recruit unique minions with powerful abilities, upgrade their Shrine, and more.

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