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Significant Progress Made on Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery Bugs, Fixes Currently Being Tested

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The Final Fantasy XIV team is getting to the bottom of the issues affecting the housing lottery. In a new update, Naoki Yoshida provides info on the work so far in identifying and reproducing the error, and  announces  what will come next.

The high anticipation for patch 6.1 and the housing lottery and the subsequent glitches have been confusing, but it seems that some have been finalizing their purchases if they received a winning notice, and others have been patiently awaiting more information regarding the process.

According to Yoshida, there has been significant progress on the issue, with the team having been able to meet two important goals it laid out: “reproducing the issue and further investigation” and “fixing identified errors”. Both of these are complete, and they even discovered and fixed another rare issue that affected relocation between different plots.

Now where does that leave things? Work continues on the next few steps, the first being to verify the fixes they’ve been developing, based on the data they got reproducing the error and working out what to do. They’ll be doing this on an internal server and check things with care. They are currently working to verify all the fixes, but  now expect that the estimate of 3 to 5 business days to do this work might need to be extended  to be certain. Given the significance of the issues, the team is prioritizing being meticulous over being faster. The other side of this process is restoring the lottery data, which is also currently being worked on with the same care.

While patch 6.11 will be released Tuesday, April 26th, as scheduled, the fixes for the lottery system will not be in this update, but they will hold a separate downtime in the future. However, what they will be doing is temporarily suspending all plot purchases and relocation. This includes the winners of the recent lottery. So if you are a winner you'll have to finalize your purchase and relocation before Tuesday’s update.

You can read the full update over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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