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Siege of Castra Large-Scale Battlefield Previewed

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The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a brief preview of the upcoming Siege of Castra, a large-scale battlefield with up to 140 players taking part. Players will need to be level 25+ and, once the battlefield is selected, they will be teleported to the instance in order to prepare for the coming battle.

The fight is slated for 30 minutes or until the enemy commander is defeated inside the wall's of the opponent's stronghold. 

The fight is staged on a map with facing strongholds and three lanes reaching from one to the other. The center features an island with a Purifying Tree that can give one team or the other a strategic advantage.

Purifying Tree (Middle Road)

  • If players succeed in taking over the tree, a vindictive spirit that attacks the enemy’s military headquarters will be released.
  • As the vindictive spirit is unstoppable while it charges towards the fortress gates, players should be swift to claim the Purifying Tree for their faction or risk having the vindictive spirit arrive at their own base.
  • The vindictive spirit will soon head for the faction commander once the fortress gates fall.

Rewards will be based on activity points score and medals earned during the fight.

Read the details on the Bless Online Steam page.


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