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Shroud of the Avatar's Well of Aldur Update is Almost Here

New boss mechanics and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Shroud of the Avatar update #42 gives us a preview of the Well of Aldur. Here’s what you need to know.

The Well of Aldur will be available for Episode 2 Access holders. Look forward to a slew of new activities and various challenges. The update shared a few images with the disclaimer that these images depict a work in progress. But they were able to share the following,

“High above the mountain peaks of Mistrendur floats the crumbling remains of a civilization whose origins are lost to time. Only the greatest adventurers will decipher the secrets, survive the threats, and discover the true nature of the Well of Aldur.”

The Well of Aldur will feature jump puzzles, a boss fight featuring new mechanics, and new loot. As part of Release 85, you’ll be able to check out the Well of Aldur for testing on the QA server. Keep in mind, it’s still in development. Except some bugs and be sure to report them here. You can check out the rest of the newsletter here.


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