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Shroud of the Avatar's Community Update Outlines Player-Owned Town Teleporters

Two types of teleporters

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The newest community update for Shroud of the Avatar touches on player-owned teleporters. Here’s what you need to know.

Governors and stewards can acquire these teleporters and place them. a interconnection teleporter will take players from one player-owned town to another. Meanwhile, teleportation signposts can teleport you within the same player-owned town.

The interconnection teleporters can be placed anywhere as long as the town permits land decoration. Signpost teleporters have similar placement restrictions. These teleporters bring other benefits as well for developers,

“Also, these new teleporters will greatly reduce the number of manual adjustments developers are required to perform from service vouchers. The less time spent adjusting towns manually means developers will have more time to spend working on game improvements.”

Keep in mind, vouchers won’t be able to be utilized for developer created player-owned town interactions now. However, you can request interconnections to NPC towns. You can do so using service vouchers.

The update also touches the August log in reward, a preview of building blocks, a Q&A from Friday’s live stream, along with some additional updates.


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