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Shroud of the Avatar Update Gives Us a Sneak Peak at Tanglemire

Arriving for Episode 2 Access Holders

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A sneak peak at Tanglemire, a new town scene coming to Shroud of the Avatar soon, was provided in Update #388.

Tanglemire will arrive to Episode 2 Access Holders. It’s described as inhabited by Norgardian-style denizens who are rather superstitious. To that end, they’ve set up Spirit Warders to guard their borders meant to protect Tanglemire from Spindelskog creatures.

As for the governmental structure for Tanglemire, it’s set up by a group of elders. However, it looks like their way of life is on the way out as their settlement continues to decline,

“Life is a never-ending struggle for Tanglemire, a fading outpost in the north of Mistrendur virtually abandoned by the Norgard Empire. Surrounded by freezing cold, deadly swamps, and a haunted wood, it’s no wonder that the desperate locals have turned to unusual means for protection. But how long will their decaying “spirit warders” keep them safe from the untold horrors that threaten these peaceful people?”

Additional enemies dot the outskirts of Tanglemire. Regarding story, the team notes that the Tanglemire content will take place in the middle of the Mistendur storyline. However, when it initially releases, there will be an initial starter quest.

You can learn more about Tanglemire here.


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