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Shroud of the Avatar Update 371 Increases Party Size

Be sure to provide feedback to the team

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Shroud of the Avatar’s Update 371 touched on party size limits and more.

The official update touched on the increase to party size already in the Player Test Environment. It looks like the size has increase to support 12. The team notes you can provide your feedback of this feature,

“Players can test this new feature and provide crucial feedback to the development team on the Player Test Environment (QA) forums. Players will no longer be limited to 8 members in their party, and will soon be able to group with others in a party of 12! Once this new feature is fully tested, it will push to the live server!”

The update also touches on gothic furniture set to arrive in Release 75 including,

  • Gothic Furniture Mega Set
  • Gothic Furniture Dining Set
  • Gothic Furniture Bedroom Set
  • Gothic King Sized Bed with Black Leather
  • Gothic Chandeliers (4 Varieties)
  • Dyable Heraldry Gustball Uniforms
  • Dirt Path Pavers Set
  • Fancy Kitchen Sink
  • Fancy Wash Basin Set
  • Conversationalist (Female, 4 Varieties)
  • Conversationalist (Male, 4 Varieties)

You can check out the full details of Update 371 on the Shroud of the Avatar site here.


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