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Shroud of the Avatar Release 91 Adds New Daily Quest, Tons of Changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Shroud of the Avatar has received Release 91 and brings with it new daily quests, plus some glorious patch notes. Here’s what you can look forward to.

There’s a new type of daily quest called the Storehouse Container Daily Turn-In Quests. You’ll be able to find the titular containers spread across nine town near the docks. Each such town will include five containers of differing variety which all include some crafting materials and loot. When you turn them in, you’ll receive rewards for your effort like a Grey or Yellow Supply Bundle Loot, Adventure/Production EXP, Gold, and more.

Alongside these new daily turn-in quests, patch notes were also published. And man, there’s a lot going on. The notes touch on several features like crafting, decoration, inventory items, combat changes, skill changes, UI changes, Lua changes, player economy, rewards, loot, world, quests, and various other miscellaneous changes.

For example, combat and skill changes include:

  • Effects that speed up casting time, like Chaotic Feedback, will no longer speed up the consumption time for consumables.
  • A number of consumables had no cooldown timer set for dynamic deck mode which allowed them to be cast without any delay. This has been fixed.
  • Various combos such as Quadruple Slash, Icy Puncture, and Saw Blade Sweep now include bonuses from the base skill.
  • Small Damage-Over-Time attacks will no longer force people into combat mode.
  • Enlightenment VFX will no longer display inside a character’s head when mounted.
  • Pets will now respect the “Teleport” and “Stop attacking” commands while in combat.

Player-owned towns also saw changes including:

  • Bladewyke: Changed owner.
  • Ironhall Highlands: Added new holdfast near POT Ironhall in Novia.
  • M’hul Island: Added a new holdfast on the northwest shore of Norgard.
  • Mossrest: Changed biome to Forest 01b.
  • Rock Ridge: Upgraded to Town.
  • Tortuga: Upgraded to Town.

You can check out full Release 91 notes here. Shroud of the Avatar continues to receive updates including the big Well of Aldur update late last year.


Poorna Shankar