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Shroud of the Avatar Release 77 Brings New Adventure Scene and Bug Fixes

Plus upcoming release schedule

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new adventure scenario is part of Release 77 for Shroud of the Avatar.

The adventure scenario is called “Bunker C” and takes you underground under the Northwest Blackblade Mountains. You’re brought here as part of a quest which actually originates in Novia’s Far Hinterlands. There’s a vault door puzzle involved, plus traps, and more.

Upcoming 2020 events in form of Releases were also touched on for the remainder of this year, including the ones below (you can check the full events page here):

  • Apr 30 – Release 77
  • May 28 – Release 78
  • June 25 – Release 79
  • July 30 – Release 80
  • Aug 27 – Release 81

Several bug fixes are also part of this release including the following:

  • Fixed pillars of smoke on every house
  • Fixed broken textures on female NPC’s
  • Fixed various client stability issues
  • Fixed font size bug affecting performance
  • Fixed some of the lighting issues currently affecting players
  • Fixed exit volume issue where they became visible to players
  • Fixed Troll Toenail exploit where daily limit could be bypassed
  • Fixed missing texture on Baron’s servant
  • Fixed occlusion issue with Norgard Fens elevator
  • Fixed 2 Tartarus Barrels which were overlapping
  • Fixed Ornate Oak Panel Wardrobe to work as container
  • Fixed collision with Tulip Vase (significantly reduced)
  • Fixed “Start on World Map” functionality for Mistrendur
  • Fixed Levitating boulder in Plains Encounter
  • Fixed navmesh issue in Ulfheim
  • Fixed basement hatches not placing in LOTI Mansions
  • Fixed basement hatches not placing in Rustic Antique Shop
  • Fixed collision issue with trees on Mistrendur (turned off now)
  • Fixed tree overlapping player lot in Central Brittany
  • Fixed Magic Warding skill on Tactics trainer in Desolis (now trainable)
  • Fixed a hitching issue with Linux client
  • Fixed store description with Cloth Aeronaut Helm
  • Fixed pattern functionality with Cloth Aeronaut Helm
  • Fixed an issue where Pendro (Yew) was sometimes accepting a rune bag more frequently than once each day
  • Fixed “Disable Friendly Buffs” functionality in Options Menu
  • Fixed Toggle UI and Ping Lot Signs keybind issue
  • Fixed trigger volumes for South Midmaer Way puzzle teleporter


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