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Shroud of the Avatar Release 72 Hits Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Shroud of the Avatar Release 72 is set to go live today and includes plenty of updates.

The blog post outlines several updates include Lua Integration, Krampus Returns, Unicorn cooking Recipes, Reagent Agriculture balance, POT Animals, and more.

Krampus Returns will have you keeping an eye out for a roving encounter of zombie children who’ll ambush you. Find Young Clara in Northwood forest. The Pumpkin Head dormant is no longer available, at least until next year. Also, the Necropolis Barrens now have a change for a Tier 12 brown spider to potentially spawn during nighttime, so keep an eye out.

The UI has seen some updates as well including Lua Integration Phase 1. You’ll now be able to query data using the console. Check out the forum discussions for guidance. Additionally, all no-trade items can be stored in a bank now and this will no longer count against your bank item limit. A QOL update includes “E” now able to loot the nearest corpse with loot if nothing else is targeted.

Check out the full extensive patch notes here.


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