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Shroud of the Avatar Release 61 Includes Krampus & Fishing Phase 2

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On Thursday, December 13th, Shroud of the Avatar players will be able to log into the game to find both a celebratory holiday event and even more to love about fishing with the deployment of its second phase. Release 61 also comes with QoL improvements, bug fixes and much more, according to the team.

Krampus is a seasonal recurring boss and is said to utilize "the new "nearby power boss behavior". Players are urged to "pay attention to his gang of naughty brat zombie children before trying to take him down" in order to avoid disaster. Heading to the Central Brittany castle and mentioning "Krampus" opens a quest to kill the dastardly dude.

Fishing Phase 2: Fishing Phase 2 launched in Release 59 and was expanded in Release 60. In Release 61 we continued that expansion with the final “water” type: Lava! Yes that is correct, you can now fish in molten rock using a Lava Fishing Rod and lures crafted from gems as bait. We have also expanded the fishing skill tree to add skills related to all of the water types (including lava) and we added new recipes for the rare fish.

Read the full release notes on the Shroud of the Avatar site.


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