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Shroud of the Avatar Receives Foal & Tamed Horse Exchange

Don't like your mount? You can now trade it in

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new foal and tamed horse exchange has been added to Shroud of the Avatar, just after Release 83 in fact. Here are some details.

It was announced in Release 83 that mounts were added, with more on the way. You can read all about that release here. However, in this recent update, the exchange will result in “fully functional mounts” which all have the same capabilities as those mounts in the crown store. Here are the some the exchange mounts:

  • Nob: The Stable Boy in Owl’s Head
  • Bodan Koren: The Master Taming Trainer in Braemar
  • Corsten: The Master Tactics Trainer in Desolis
  • Falcon: Animal Trainer in Aerie
  • Oakley: Stable Girl in Brittany Fields

If you have any of the mounts below, the exchange will net you:

  • Appaloosa Foal, Trade-in Yields: Appaloosa Foal (Domesticated), Appaloosa Horse Mount
  • Black Foal, Trade-In Yields: Black Foal (Domesticated), Black Horse Mount
  • Buckskin Foal, Trade-In Yields: Buckskin Foal (Domesticated), Buckskin Horse Mount
  • Dun Foal, Trade-In Yields: Dun Foal (Domesticated), Dun Horse Mount
  • Roan Foal, Trade-In Yields: Roan Foal (Domesticated), Roan Horse Mount
  • White Foal, Trade-In Yields: White Foal (Domesticated), White Horse Mount

You can learn more here.


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