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Shroud of the Avatar Posts Latest Live Stream Q&A Celebrating the Holidays

Holiiday Homes ... for the Holidays

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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A tweet advertising the new Shroud of the Avatar Q&A Livestream and ‘Homes for the Holiday’ sale went live earlier today. In addition to the many items added to the store, including many holiday themed decorations, a login rewards program rewards complete with a Lord British 2-Handed Axe.

The lengthy Q&A hosted by Atos covered quite a bit of ground, which began unassumingly with some Thanksgiving banter and led to questions on multi-monitor fixes and mitigating alt-exploits. Those who missed the stream but are interested in checking it out, you can view it on the official Shroud of the Avatar twitch channel.   

Shroud of the Avatar recently brought mounts to the game in Release 83, with a new foal and tamed horse exchange following on its heels, very shortly after release.


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