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Shroud of the Avatar Patch 1437 Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next Shroud of the Avatar patch is here and brings about a ton of fixes and tweaks.

Patch 1437 for Release 93 went live on Wednesday and addressed various errors while also bringing about some updates. For example, several errors regarding hitching and lag were addressed. Additionally, it looks like the Gothic Footstool, Gothic Heavy Study Chair, Gothic Wooden Chair, and Gothic Bench won’t accept dyes because, surprise, these items were never meant to be dyeable.

Outlaws’ Run saw a host of fixes and removals. Additionally, various other adjustments and tweaks include:

  • Anthem of Alacrity can no longer be cast on the overworld.
  • The Aether Infusion crafting component is no longer inappropriately available at cooking merchants.
  • All 6 varieties of Obsidian Potions of Transformation can now be dismissed by the player by right-clicking the buff icon in your active buff bar and selecting the “Dismiss” option
  • The looted “Small Knife” is now called “White-Handled Knife” and can be salvaged at a blacksmithing station. The other Small Knife which is crafted as well as 2 other knives crafted in that set had missing icons, which has been fixed.
  • Updated tooltip descriptions and store restrictions for Potions of Green Growth, Potions of Growth, Potions of Diminutive Statre, Potion of Upward Acceleration to indicate the effects provided by these potions do not persist through scene changes.

 You can check out the full patch notes here. Previously, Shroud of the Avatar received a new daily quest in addition to several changes. Release 83 back in November of last year brought mounts to the mix.


Poorna Shankar