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Shroud of the Avatar Officially Announced as a Free to Play Title

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Portalarium has sent definitive word that Shroud of the Avatar is now officially a free to play game. No purchase is required to jump in and start playing and the available features to free players have been expanded. The news comes after last week's release of the retooled new player experience.

Shroud of the Avatar has added a multitude of quality of life updates and major features to the game world including:

  • Player made heraldry 
  • Brewing 
  • Obsidian trials (risk free PVP)
  • Major expansions to the fishing system including different water types, more than 25 different fish types with scaling sizes of trophy fish
  • Player made dungeons 
  • Seasonal enemies (Atavists of Purity, Aether Creatures tied to a comet, Pumpkin Head) 
  • Global banks (they were local before) 
  • Global chat 
  • Ability to bypass town sieges & control points 
  • Elimination of experience point decay on death
  • Automatic open multiplayer in towns/overworld/starting areas to increase connectivity with players
  • Looking for Group system 
  • Performance enhancements (frame rate and load times) 
  • Doubled XP gains across the board (crafting and adventuring)
  • And much more

You can check out the brand new Shroud of the Avatar site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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