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Shroud of the Avatar Gives a Sneak Peak at Their PvP Queue System

Plus more updates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Shroud of the Avatar team has provided a sneak peak on their PvP queue system in their latest community update.

The team is currently developing the system which contains several components. For instance, you’ll be able to view a list of other players who are looking for PvP like you. You’ll also be able to see all queued players in addition to their levels.

A join button will also be implemented which will present:

  • Map Selection: Players will be able to select from a list of possible maps.
  • Level Limits: Players will be able toggle exclusion from any competitions 20 above or below their level.
  • Competition Type: Players will be able to select whether the fight is to be ranked or practice.

You can also challenge players which will showcase the following dialogue:

  • Player acknowledging the challenge will be presented with a dialogue box, “Waiting for player to accept…”
  • Player receiving the acknowledgement will be presented with the dialogue box, “Your challenge has been accepted! Click “Engage” to begin, or click “Retreat” to decline…”

The update also touched on double XP, July login rewards, a new Vault round, and more. Check out the update and notes here.


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