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Shroud of the Avatar Cancels Physical Kickstarter Reward, Offers In-Game Items As Recompense

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Shroud of the Avatar has been having a week. After having the operating assets acquired by Catnip Games, the Avatar team has posted an update regarding the "Sword of Midras" printed copy Kickstarter reward.

Backers have been waiting for the last physical reward to come to fruition, however in a forum post today on the Shroud of the Avatar website, that unfortunately won't be happening

There is only one physical reward from the Kickstarter that is still outstanding to deliver. That is a physical copy of the novel written by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott entitled the Sword of Midras (originally entitled Blade of the Avatar). Digital copies were delivered as promised but unfortunately we could never reach an agreement with the publisher on distribution of a physical copy to our backers. Please accept our apologies for our failure to deliver the reward and the extreme delay in an outcome.

As a result, backers at the Patron who were eligible for this reward will instead be receiving a unique in-game item - the Challenge Dungeon Remote Dungeon Entrance. This item, when placed on a property, will grant "direct access to the Challenge Dungeon." It's designed to look like a magical book with the Blad of the Avatar symbol emblazoning its cover. 

Those who were backers at the Citizen level, they will receive the remote dungeon entrance, as well as two other unique in-game items.

Kickstarter backers at the Citizen level (and higher) were eligible for a physical copy of the book signed by Richard and Tracy. They will instead receive two unique in-game rewards. The Sword of Midras Library is a huge unique dungeon room filled floor to ceiling with books, similar to the Lyceum in Artifice. It can be placed in any Player Made Dungeon. The Sword of Midras Magical Printing Press allows you to create 12 book copies per week without needing any blank books and each of these copies automatically comes in a book bound with a Blade of the Avatar symbol book cover!

The team hopes to have these items delivered by the end of the year. 


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