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Shroud of the Avatar Build 1454 Brings Incremental Fixes and Improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Build 1454 for Shroud of the Avatar brings the goods with some additional fixes and improvements, including one addressing crafting related UI.

This particular patch is rather incremental, but nevertheless brings some welcome fixes and improves quality of life. For instance, Spectral Mines sees an issue fixed where nodes simply weren’t appearing. Additionally, The Rise is receiving reinforcements with Elf warriors and additional skeletons.

Additional patch notes include:

  • Jotungrund: Elementals near the signal towers will now be tier 5 most often, but with a roughly 1 in 12 chance that one tier 14 elemental will spawn, instead.
  • Fix: Fix for the sorting option and filter moving away when crafting station ui get larger
  • Cone of Cold has been shifted to be a 4x XP skill. Your current skill level will likely drop a bit but no XPs were lost
  • Fixed bad skin weighting on Frost Giant that caused vertices to stick out strangely when giant dies
  • Deleted webbing floating in the Void
  • The Avatar’s hair will now show fully when wearing the new Tiki Demon Mask.
  • All variations of the 4 artifact fishing rings now feature improved tooltips to indicate salvage and upgrade information, if applicable.
  • Any loot drop iteration of the Uncommon magical attunement rings now drops as a Common at an increased rate. At this point, all attunement ring drops should now be of the Common tier.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Shroud of the Avatar’s previous patch, build 1448, brought about some long-awaited fixes for movement. You can check out those notes here.


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