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Shroud of the Avatar Adds New Dunamically Scaled Scene: Myrkur

Lord British Joins Community Livestream Q&A Later Today

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Shroud of the Avatar has just announced in this week's update that players will have access to a brand-new dynamically scaled adventure scene called Myrkur.

This news was highlighted today in Avatar's Update #386, and also announced that Lord British will be joining the Q&A Livestream later today. Myrkur will be located on the eastern island of Mistrendur and will be available to all players with Episode 2 Access. This is a cloned version of the previous dungeon known as Despair. In Myrkur, there are teleporters that can switch between Normal (Tier 10) and "Extreme" (Tier 15) versions of this new dungeon. With the dynamic difficulty, creature difficulty and experience will scale, however the loot scaling is planned for a later date in the future.

Also coming in Release 79, Spindelskog will become the first unique adventure scene for Episode 2, which takes place in a dark and gloomy forest. This new adventure will eventually become another dynamically-scaled scene in the future as well. It was also announced that for the near future, Shroud of the Avatar players will receive double experience points in Adventure and Crafting. "Stay home, stay safe and explore New Britannia!" reads the update.

There's even more news as part of Update #386 which you can read more about via the link above, and I'm sure we'll be receiving even more updates during the Community 1-hour Livestream later today on their official Twitch channel at 4:00 PM CT. In other news, there are still two more $7000 bundles available if you want an in-game castle, and you can check out a previous update that shared dates for upcoming releases.


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