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Showdown on Ruhnuk, SWTOR Update 7.2, is Live With New Planet, New Story, PvP Revamp, and More

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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest update, Showdown on Ruhnuk, update 7.2, is here. Explore a brand new planet, Ruhnuk, and meet new and returning characters, including Heta Kol and her band of Mandalorians. There are also changes to PvP, a new Daily Area, some gearing changes, and Life Day celebrations.

The centerpiece of the update is, of course, Ruknuk and the new story update, as well as Ruhnuk’s features, like the new Daily Area. The planet is a dry and abandoned location, once mined for rich resources until those days were gone. It’s Heta Kol’s base, and you’ll be going there.

The new Daily Area has what you’d expect, with ways to expand your own faction influence by completing daily and weekly missions, and more. You’ll be introduced to Mandalorian Lane Vizla. In the story, you’ll get to assist Shae Vizla, who got her own SWTOR short story recently, Snare, detailing her quest to find Heta Kol. It’s you who gets to accompany her to hunt Kol down and her rebel Mandalorians, Hidden Chain.

Also in the update are enhancements to the UI, including customizable utility bar options, colorblind mode, and the changes to the map system. Gearing and progression changes have been controversial, and the team continues to make some changes. “7.2 will be the first time we raise what we call the power floor! As the 7.0 era progresses, we will occasionally raise the base item ratings for Legacy of the Sith content”, the team recently announced. This means that as the 7.x updates continue, they’ll be adjusting the power floor and what they call the power ceiling in order to keep things at a level that doesn’t feel like it’s too hard to catch up and remain competitive.

There’s also a new PvP revamp, which opens up a new PVP season and remove the distinction between unranked and ranked PVP. This will let everyone complete content and earn PVP points in order to progress along a new PVP reward track. There's also a new PvP map, Onderon Palatial Ruins.

With Star Wars: The Old Republic, the end of the year means Life Day and the anniversary of SWTOR’s launch. Both are being celebrated now.

For complete details, see the notes over at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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