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Ships of Fortune Update Now Live in Sea of Thieves

You can become an Emissary for your favorite company

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Sea of Thieves update, dubbed Ships of Fortune, is now live on Xbox and PC.

The update allows you to join a new Trading Company, called Reaper’s Bones, and brings with it new opportunities for increased rewards and cosmetic items by representing your favorite company as an Emissary.

In becoming Emissary for your favorite Trading Company, new pirate uniforms and ship decorations will take on an appearance representative of their chosen Trading Company and receive increased rewards. In addition, ‘Ships of Fortune’ will also introduce the new Trading Company known as Reaper’s Bones whose emissaries have one goal – to lay their rivals low and take Emissary flags as trophies.

Pirates can also enjoy an overhauled Arena mode, where contest times have been cut to 15 minutes for a more intense play experience. If your battles take you out to adventure on the high seas, players can now revive crewmates before their souls find their way to the Ferry of the Damned.

As a reminder, Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam. You can wishlist the game now if interested, as there’s no release date listed. The Steam version will feature full cross-play with Windows 10 and Xbox.


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