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Ship of Heroes, World of Tanks, World of Warships Opening Up for Free for All Players Amidst Coronavirus

Yup. Coronavirus

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Ship of Heroes, World of Warships, and World of Tanks are all opening their doors to everyone amidst the Coronavirus.

Ship of Heroes will receive a surprise beta for everyone, not just backers. In a forum post, they explained,

“We've had some questions so we thought we should let people know that most of our team works out of their houses anyway, and while there are a few situations where the kids are at home, which is fun but distracting, we are mostly just plugging away as usual, creating Ship of Heroes. Ss far as I know today, no one is sick. What can we do to help all of you, who are suddenly at home during the day?”

To that end, they’re going to slowly allow more and more people (not just backers) into the CCT,

“We're going to start letting people into the game as we see it as devs, each day. Which means it is not a highly polished Beta, it is the current version with just a few things shut off. There may be a few bugs, especially on some of the new or transferred costume pieces. So the first thing we need are 20-30 volunteers who want to go in and find problems for us, before we open it up even wider. And there will be a few issues. But we may start tonight or tomorrow with this coronavirus support event.  So who wants in? If you do, send us a contact form with your email address (don't post it here).”

World of Warships and World of Tanks are giving away 14 days free time via a Premium Account, running till April 3 at 3a PT. Simply go to the respective sites linked in the previous sentence and click the giant button.


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