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Ship of Heroes Will Sport 'the Best UI in the Galaxy'

Suzie Ford Posted:
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According to the Ship of Heroes team, when the game launches, it will come with "the best UI in the galaxy". To showcase progress towards that lofty goal, a new blog has been posted to show the how players can customize every element of the UI in one of two ways: Through a slider for global resizing or each element can be resized and moved on its own. 

  • Game sounds can now be adjusted to suit the player, with individual volume controls for the following: footsteps; background noise; game music, and combat sounds.
  • We’ve upgraded the character portraits a couple of times.
  • As before, significance manager allows the player to make tradeoffs between FPS and graphical quality, depending upon the power of their computer and the quality of the internet connection they may have at any moment.
  • Multiple pieces of the UI can be independently minimized. This list is below: (see Technical Summary)
  • We’ve made some changes so that critical things like the force field controls, the mission objective, and the vendors are more visible on the minimap.
  • Also, we now have branching dialog as conversation bubbles.

Read even more of the details by visiting the Ship of Heroes site.


Suzie Ford

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