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Ship of Heroes Update Will Allow You to Save Costumes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Ship of Heroes update will finally allow you to save costumes, which should no doubt make the RP community happy.

A new blog post outlined the changes and what this actually means for you the player.

“Well, what this means is that if you have a supergroup or guild and you want to roleplay a team activity, your leader could create a costume for his character to wear and then share it with the whole group.”

While this is only possible for one costume now, the team plans on expanding it in the future. Additionally, each costume will contain a morph, explained thusly,

“One element of this is that each costume will morph, or fit to it's character. The costume for the 7-foot tall big guy will fit him precisely, as if it just came from the super-taylor. But the same costume will fit the 5-foot tall female, and the really thin male, and everyone else on the team. The whole, widely varied team will be clearly identifiable a group, visually.”

Check out the full post here.


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