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Ship of Heroes Team Unveils a New Travel Power Called Superspeed

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The Ship of Heroes team has published a new video to showcase a new travel power called Superspeed. This travel power is, according to devs, faster than flight, though it "is balanced by the need to go around obstacles". When SoH launches, a third travel power will also be included, teleportation.

In the video, Snow Drift races around Apotheosis City using Superspeed and showing off collision effects with a train. During her run, Snow Drift leaps to the top of a moving train.

In addition, SoH players can look forward to the addition of five FX options during Superspeed. Players will be able to choose from fire, electric sparks, ice, darkness and one to be added later. Players can also choose not to display an effect.

The devs are announcing that in SoH, superspeed is a travel power and not an unbalanced attack power.  So a player can race up to an enemy and attack, but if they do, superspeed turns off and cannot be restarted until the combat is over.  There’s no racing back and forth, hitting the big boss 800 times while taking no damage in this game. But on the plus side, superspeed does not use much energy, so you can keep going indefinitely if you want to.

Also recently in development:

  • the city has more verticality
  • the Hazard Zone which "hints of a dangerous heart of darkness"
  • non-combat animations such as walking and sitting are in the works

Learn more on the Ship of Heroes site.


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