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Ship of Heroes Team: Leveling Up is More Than a Flash & a Bunch of Words

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The Ship of Heroes forum has a new post from the development team that provides the community with an update on what is in the current pipeline. Most notably, the team is taking a hard look at the level-up process. "You might think this is easy -- just a flash of light and some text on the screen saying you leveled up...but it is actually a fundamental system," the post reads.

1. We're hoping to begin recording the superspeed video today or tomorrow. This video has some other stuff in it too, so it is not simple to record. Still we have a decent shot at publishing a video before next weekend. 2. We're reviewing some additional animations for the spear powerset. The rate at which powers and powersets are developed is mostly determined by the production and polishing rates for their animations. So we are not on the verge of showing this one off, but all of this work has to go on for months before we can show it. We like where we are with this one. Many western MMOs neglect a spear power, so this is another fun feature of SoH. 3. We are continuing to work on the level-up process. You might think this is easy -- just a flash of light and some text on the screen saying you have leveled up...but it is actually a fundamental system. Level up changes hit points and other ststs instantly, heals and recovers a player instantly even if they are in combat. And it makes changes to their other stats, allowing them to go to a trainer and get either a new power or some augmentation slots. Augmentation slots are particularly tricky. Coding all of this is really complex. We are not done with this, but again, we like our current situation. We definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. 4. We offered a position to an experienced artist to add to our team, and we hope he takes the spot. We'll keep the community informed on this, but probably we'll wait until we can show some of his work in a newsletter.

Check out the full post and the community response on the Ship of Heroes site.


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