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Ship of Heroes Team Details How It's Keeping FPS Up to Snuff

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a very technical article about how the team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that FPS in the game is kept under control when there are large numbers of players on screen simultaneously. To do so, a number of tools have been developed to mitigate FPS loss as a result.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve developed three proprietary techniques for making Ship of Heroes faster, measured in frames per second or FPS.  High FPS is difficult to achieve, particularly in MMOs, because of the large numbers of players that should be on the screen at once.  Think of a mothership raid in COH or fighting a worldboss in several other MMOs, with fifty or more players in close proximity, fighting enemies.  An MMO needs to keep reasonable FPS in this situation in order to deliver that intense player experience.

For those who love the mechanics of game development will definitely want to head to the Ship of Heroes site to read the full, detailed article.


Suzie Ford

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