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Ship of Heroes Talks About Missions

Plus a poll

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ship of Heroes team has shared their vision for missions. Hey, that rhymed!

The recent newsletter provides some detail regarding the missions and missions content. Ship of Heroes is not just replicating the old City of Heroes system. Instead, it sounds like they are adding some new kinds of missions such as extra-difficult solo mission content called reward missions. This includes story arcs, task forces, and missions from random contacts scattered over Apotheosis City.

Different kinds of missions will be available in something called the Causality Chamber, which will appear after the player completes a particular story arc in the game. This chamber gives a player the ability to replay old missions, and also allows a player to search for missions across timelines.

You will be allowed to raise or lower the difficulty level of missions. One that allows a support character to solo content that they normally would not be able to attempt. The team also wants your feedback. You can check out the poll link at the bottom of the newsletter and let your voice be heard.


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