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Ship of Heroes Spring Dev Update Details Raid UI, Upgraded Animations and Voiceovers, and Supporter Capes

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It has been a while since we’ve heard from the Ship of Heroes team, But they have recently shared a brand new developer update reflecting on the past few months, specifically what they've been up to from March through May.

One of the big things they've been working on in the past few months is a raid UI. They’ve built and tested their new system to present a coordinated system to see color-coded raid teams organized under their raid leader. Their current system ties into their multi-threaded chat system and can support up to 10 teams and 101 players. They promise a full explanation of the raid UI functionality is coming. 

Ship of Heroes' animations have been getting polish and overhauls too. The game currently has three body meshes and about 270 powers that need animations for each body type, for both on the ground and in-flight combat. They have been working on a review and upgrade of all of their animations and they have finished about 80% of the work so far.

When it comes to the story, they have to narrow down exactly what content they plan to have at launch, so they've been working on a new mission arc and polishing things up. One related part of this that they’ve also been working on is adding upgraded and expanded voiceovers, to add to the immersion and make NPC personalities and moods come through. They will also share more details in depth on this later.

The team is also working on quality of life updates,  things like toggling widgets in the game ui, and showing a 3D Mission locator when you get a mission. Finally, for those who have donated to support development, those at the Stylish level or above, will get two new capes for all three body types. These items are exclusive to donors and will be the only in-game items now available to all subscribers.


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