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Ship of Heroes Shows Off Some Of The Tools And Weapons Ahead Of Its Upcoming CCT Beta

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ship of Heroes is working on getting the upcoming CCT beta off the ground, but in the meantime the team wanted to showcase some of the props and weapons they have been making behind the scenes. In a new blog post, the SoH team showcased an upcoming power set for military weapons.

Ahead of the character creation tool beta, the team showed off some of the more "mundane" weapons Heroes might choose to use while playing the upcoming MMO. 

Some might ask why a superhero would bother using mundane weapons. Well, there are several reasons. Some heroes have powers that require technology to function, like superhuman accuracy or the ability to summon additional ammo on the fly. Others have support or defensive powers, and simply want to be able to do damage. These brave individuals use their weapons in much the same way ship security personnel do.

These props on display are part of the Military Weapon power set, which will be the primary weapon set for Devastators, and a secondary set for support characters, according to the new post. The team is teasing one or two more newsletters or videos before the CCT beta hits, so keep it tuned to the official site for more info. You can check out the full post about the props and their role in Ship of Heroes here.


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